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Q Plus is a leading QA QC company specializes in providing Quality Management, Quality Assurance & Quality Control services for a various industries including: semiconductor, pharmaceutical, water treatment, Diamonds fabrication, building, infrastructures,  chemical facilities, laboratories and more


We specialize in providing a comprehensive solution for multi-disciplinary projects, from the initial stages of planning and design, through production, execution/erection until commissioning and final smooth handover to the client


Our engineering team have a wide and rich experience and knowledge in various engineering fields including Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural, Architectural, Fire Protection, HVAC, Process Piping, and welding inspection. 

Our experienced QA QC engineers leading a proactive and comprehensive Quality approach that serves our clients interests to achieve the projects goals

We have the knowledge, experience and measuring  equipment to perform various of measures and testing along the projects life cycle.

Q Plus QA QC methodology allow us to act proactively in order to promote your project and to achieve a smooth commissioning process

Our integrity and loyalty to the Quality Standards is part of our DNA . This principle allows our direct and indirect clients to have the best quality outcomes they expect.

Construction & Infrastructures Projects QA/QC

Construction & Infrastructures Projects QA/QC

Design Verification & Control

Design Verification & Control

Engineer in Laboratory

High Purity Systems Testing and Qualification

Data on a Touch Pad

Development of Project Specific Quality Program

Electrical Inspectors

Multidisciplinary Quality Testing and Inspection  Services  

Technicians at Work

Commissioning and Validation Management

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